The gallery at St. Petersburg, Russia has been reformed. The first exhibition since the reform will be "Japanese Hanging Scrolls". All of the displayed pieces are from the collections of the gallery.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all. Kasugai Kyoto Co. Ltd. is a gallery that specializes in introducing Japanese arts, crafts, and architecture to Russians.
We also assist Japanese firms and individuals looking to expand their businesses to Russia, and we are always looking to adapt to new methods in order to serve our customers in the best manner. Furthermore, through voluntary activities, we aim to develop and improve alongside our customers and local residents, as we believe that the growth of our company is the fundamental step towards assisting our customers.

Our company also helps with introducing Japanese artists to Russian people by assisting to host exhibitions, helping with artwork sales, cataloging the artwork, and importing/exporting craft materials. We hope that sharing and discovering both cultures lead to new connections, and contributes to the development of both cultures.


Kasugai-Kyoto Inc. is a gallery aimed to introduce the excellence of Japanese culture through arts, crafts, and architecture, with the primary audience being Russians. Established in the year of 2016 on Sanzen-in street, our motto is to “Connect Japan and Russia through arts and crafts”.
Though Russian arts and crafts may not be common in Japan, there are many excellent works of art that is inspired from Russian culture. Works such as crafts of Peter Carl Fabergé, outstanding paintings, and Lacquer art are starting to spread in Japan and attracting many Japanese people. Similarly, there are many people from Russia who are interested in Japanese culture. Paintings, metalworks, ceramics, and architecture created under the unique sense of Japanese beauty is praised and respected beyond borders. Our firm also assists with introducing works of Japanese art to Russians, through a wide-range of activities including assisting exhibitions in Russian museums, creating catalogs, and exporting crafting materials.
The name of our company, “Kasugai”, originates from the Japanese saying, “子は鎹/かすがい – ko-wa-kasugai”, meaning that a child is figuratively the crucial “clamp” that connects people together. We hope that sharing and discovering cultures from both countries lead to new connections, and contributes to the development of both cultures.

President and CEO Isamu Egawa


Company Infomation

Company Name KASUGAI KYOTO Co., Ltd.
古物商認可:京都府公安委員会 第611081630021
特定国際種事業者 事業者番号:S-5-26-00209
Representative Isamu Egawa
Capital Stock 10 million yen
Location <head office>
18-103, Yawata – Sanbonbashi Yawata KYOTO, JAPAN 614-8093
1-3, 3F
Fukakusafuchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan
Established in April 2016
Primarily-used bank Kyoto-Shinyo-Kinko
Business Details Importation/exportation of art・crafts・building materials
Primary Products Japanese arts and crafts, particularly crafts seen during the Meiji and Bakumatsu-era.

St. Petersburg Office

Location St. Petersburg, Artilleriyskaya str, 1, office 312
Working hours 10.00 to 18.00 Closed on weekends and Russia Day (※Holiday on 6/16~7/2)
Tel +7 (980) 640-63-44 staff:Sergei Kartashev
E-Mail sergei@kasugaikyoto.com

Saint-Petersburg Gallery

Location Liteiny pr., 24.
Working hours daily from 11.00 to 19.00
Tel +7 (812) 245-05-76
E-Mail spb@kasugai.ru

Moscow GalleryPetrovsky

Location per., 5, p. 4.
Entrance from Petrovsky side street into the yard of the house number 5.
Working hours Mon-Fri: from 10.00 to 19.00.
Sat-Sun: on request.
Tel + 7 (495) 623-90-18
E-Mail msk@kasugai.ru


Kasugai-kyoto Inc. has established policies to protect personal information as shown below. We have established systems to protect personal information, and all employees are informed with the importance of the protection of personal information, and trained to protect such information.

Management of Personal Information

Our company looks to maintain customers’ personal information at its most-updated state, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss or corruption of data, alteration (falsification), and leakage of personal information, we educate the employees with the necessary knowledge, establish safety measures, and maintain our security system(s).

Use of Personal Information

Customers’ personal information will be used to contact customers through emails and other forms of communication in order to provide information and guidance, and to answer inquiries.

Sharing of Personal Information to a third-party

Our company will take necessary measures to maintain and protect personal informations of customers, and will not share the information to a third-party at all times, excluding the following situations:
-When we have the customer’s permission to share their data
-When personal information is required by a third-party to assist in serving to a customer’s need
-When it is legally required to share personal information

Ensuring Safety of Personal Information

To ensure accuracy and safety of personal information, our company exercises the necessary safety methods.

Confirmation of Personal Information

Confirmation, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information can be done by the owner of the information, once the contacted individual is identified as the true owner.

Legal Policies

Our company follows the legal policies in Japan and refers to them in an appropriate manner. At the same time, we will review the content of our company’s policy and make amendments when necessary.


Below is the contact address for inquiries regarding handling of personal information.

Kasugai-Kyoto Inc.
<head office/gallery>
466 Ohara-raikouin-cho, Sakyou-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan
1-3, 3F
Fukakusafuchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan